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About Toby

Toby’s breadth of experience as a music maker makes him a conscientious collaborator, allowing him to work with other artists and creatives in order to realise the best possible outcome. 

Having been passionate about music from an early age; 6 year old Toby managed to convince his Mum to let him learn the violin. She agreed but only on the proviso that he would also try some piano lessons. A year later he kept up his side of the bargain and spent his formative years making the most of every musical opportunity available.

He eventually begun his professional career as a percussionist; studying at Trinity Laban before being awarded a place on the prestigious Musical Direction postgraduate course at the Royal Academy of Music.

Toby has been fortunate to enjoy a career spanning almost 20 years working in an exciting variety of musical contexts. From arranging and orchestrating for television and radio, to performing extensively in London’s West End as a band member and conductor, composing for new musicals and acting as Musical Director for artists including Joss Stone.

From his early career as an ensemble musician, Toby has grown a unique understanding & appreciation for attention to detail when conducting, composing & orchestrating and his ability to listen and communicate with empathy and generosity means that storytelling is at the forefront of his musicianship.

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